RSO and Student Government

Registered Student Organizations:

ISS closely works with the International Student Organization ( to promote cultural diversity and inclusion.

ISO Officers for 2021-2022

There are about 400 active organizations on campus and many organizations have cultural/religious themes. Please visit the Office of Student Activities’ RSO Information to know who’s active on campus and their contact information. ISS is happy to assist you to find right information about cultural RSOs if you have questions.

Student Governments:

ISS strongly encourages our international students to be active on campus including involvement with campus student government activities. It is part of the U.S. culture for people to be active and get people’s voices heard.

Residents’ Interhall Congress for Undergraduate On-campus Students

The Residents' Interhall Congress (RIC) is the coordinating organization for the various residence hall governing bodies across campus. RIC's goal is to help develop residence hall policies, procedures, programs, and facilities to best serve the interests of students living on campus.

If you live on-campus, be active in Hall Senate and learn about RIC. Contact your Coordinator for Residence Education or Resident Assistant in your residence hall for more details.

Associated Student Government for Undergraduate Students

The Associated Student Government (ASG) at the University of Arkansas is a student-led organization that acts as an organized voice for all students and strives to effectively represent student interest.

Graduate Student Congress for Graduate Students:

The Graduate Student Congress exists to provide an institutional outlet for graduate students to voice their concerns. The GSC serves as the liaison between the graduate student body and other university entities that work with graduate students. A key mission of the GSC is to host social and professional development events for the entire graduate student body to create a sense of community on campus for graduate students.