Dependents — Spouse and Children

Adding a Dependent

To add a dependent to your SEVIS record and obtain an F-2 I-20 for your dependent you must login to and submit the online dependent request form. For each dependent you would like to add you must show:

  • Dependent's passport data page
  • Marriage certificate in English or with a notarized English translation (only for adding spouses as dependents)
  • Birth certificate in English or with a notarized English translation (only for adding children as dependents)
  • $5,780 per dependent. Funding can be shown with a bank statement from within the past 6 months. The bank statement must be in English and can be in U.S. or foreign currency. Bank accounts must be in liquid funds such as a checking or savings account. If you are using an account that is not in your name you must provide a statement from the account holder verifying you have permission to use their funds.

Once you have submitted the online form you must then schedule an appointment with a Foreign Student Advisor to obtain the dependent I-20.


Dependents of an F-1 student are not allowed to be employed. An F-2 dependent would need to change to another immigration status that allows employment.

Studying in the USA

An F-2 dependent can study part-time at a college in the U.S. If the dependent is studying at an undergraduate level they are limited at a maximum of eleven hours per semester. At the graduate level dependents may take up to a maximum of eight hours per semester. Dependents are allowed to enroll in primary and secondary schools (K-12).

Insurance and Healthcare

It is strongly recommended that F-2 dependents have health insurance. Health insurance can be purchased through the F-1 student's policy. Please visit the Pat Walker Health Center for more information on how to buy additional health insurance coverage.