Arrival and Orientation

H-1B Employee

Download the printable H-1b Pre-Arrival Checklist (coming soon)

About H-1B Status and Restrictions

H-1B status sponsored by the University of Arkansas ONLY permits you to be employed at the University of Arkansas, and only in the job/position specified in the H-1B petition as filed with USCIS. If your job duties, responsibilities, title, salary, assigned work location, or any other aspect of your position will change, you must notify ISS immediately, BEFORE the change occurs, since such changes may require the filing of a new or amended H-1B petition on your behalf.

Do NOT engage in any activities for compensation outside your regular University of Arkansas job duties. This includes receiving "honorarium" or similar payments. Unless you have received separate/additional employment authorization through other means (such as a "concurrent" H-1B petition with another employer), you may not engage in employment elsewhere. NOTE: You may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses such as transportation, etc., related to travel to other institutions, participation in conferences, etc.

Getting Ready: H-1B Documents and Travel

Download the H-1b Visa Application Checklist (coming soon)

For more information on the H-1B visa application process and planning your travel to Arkansas, please refer to our H-1B Visa and Arrival page.

When entering the United States to begin or resume H-1B status, you should carry documents with you that verify your position with the University of Arkansas and the validity of the University of Arkansas' H-1B petition on your behalf. These documents include:

  • The most recent original H-1B approval notice for your position (you may obtain this temporarily from the ISS office for your periods of travel)
  • The letter of offer from your hiring department (or, if you are continuing employment, a letter from your department indicating this) - this letter should include your job title and annual wages
  • A copy of the most recent I-129 (you can request this from ISS)
  • A copy of the current Labor Condition Application (LCA)
  • If continuing employment, copies of your last three months' pay statements (you can obtain these from WebBASIS)

When you enter the United States for the first time to begin H-1B status, you may not arrive more than 10 days before the H-1B petition begins. You may not begin working until the date the petition begins.

When You Arrive: Your Responsibilities and Resources

When you arrive in Fayetteville for the first time as an H-1B employee of the University of Arkansas, you must check in with International Students and Scholars within seven days of arriving. Please use our online scheduling system to reserve an H-1B Consultation appointment. When you come to the office, you must bring the original H-1B approval notice to be returned to our files. Please also bring your passport and I-94 (you can retrieve this record from after entering the United States).

When arriving to the University of Arkansas for the first time as an employee, you will also need to attend New Employee Orientation. Please consult your hiring department for assistance in reserving a date/time to attend this program.

When returning to the University of Arkansas following travel outside the United States, you must return the original H-1B approval notice to the ISS office within 14 days of returning to Fayetteville. No appointment is required to do this. When returning the original approval notice, please also submit a copy of your most recent entry stamp (the date stamp in your passport from the immigration inspector at the port of entry) and your new I-94 record (, as well as a copy of any new H-1B visa stamps you have been issued.

Housing and Transportation in Fayetteville

The University of Arkansas does not have designated housing on campus for visiting scholars or employees. We recommend that you refer to the University's Off Campus Housing website for information about apartments and roommates in the area. Please be aware that most apartment rental contracts (leases) in the United States are for a minimum period of one year. If you will be here for a shorter period of time, you will need to ask the rental property specifically if they offer a shorter-term lease. Visit the following websites for more information about how Fayetteville ranks in livability, housing costs, etc.:


ApartmentFinder Fayetteville listings

NOTE: If you are applying for a mortgage loan to purchase a house, your lender may request documentation verifying your H-1B immigration status. If you need a letter for this purpose, please contact Audra Johnston ( at ISS and state that you are requesting an H-1B verification letter. You will need to specify who the letter should be addressed to, and whether you would like the letter sent to you, or directly to the person you have specified.

Most people in Northwest Arkansas drive their own cars for transportation; however, there is some public transportation available in the area. In Fayetteville, you can use Razorback Transit; in Fayetteville and the larger Northwest Arkansas area, you can also use Ozark Regional Transit. Please be aware that Razorback Transit operates less frequently (or not at all) during times when the University is not holding classes. There are a few taxi services in Northwest Arkansas; however, you will need to call the taxi company to request a cab - you cannot simply wait on the street for one to pass by. Some students and scholars buy a bicycle or "scooter" (moped) to help with transportation. If you will not be buying a car, you will want to choose your housing location carefully to be sure that you have adequate access to transportation for getting to campus, the grocery store, etc.

Health Care and Insurance for H-1Bs

When you attend New Employee Orientation, you will receive detailed information about University of Arkansas benefits such as medical insurance. Prior to your arrival, you can find more information about benefits on the Human Resources website.

We certainly hope that you do not become sick or injured while you are here; however, if it happens, you must be well-prepared with adequate medical insurance and a basic understanding of the U.S. health care system.

Watch a video about the U.S. health care system and view resources explaining how insurance works (courtesy of International Student Insurance )

Rights and Benefits in the United States

We believe you will have a positive and rewarding experience in the United States. However, we want you to know that if you do encounter any problems, you have rights and you can get help. Please feel free to contact your ISS H-1B advisor, Audra Johnston (, if you have concerns or need assistance. As an employee, you can also find assistance through Human Resources.

You should definitely contact your ISS H-1B advisor immediately if any of the following occur:

  • You are dismissed by the University for ANY reason BEFORE the end of your H-1B petition period;
  • You decide to resign from your position with the University;
  • The terms of your employment may change (i.e., you are offered a promotion/new job title, you will be given different duties/responsibilities, you will work in a different physical location, etc.)
  • You believe you are receiving less than the salary amount promised to you in the H-1B petition

Learn more about your rights as a visitor/temporary worker in the United States at the Department of State's website.