Guide to Obtaining an Arkansas Drivers' License

This guide is created by ISS to help you. Please verify the accuracy of the information by calling the appropriate offices.




There are three basic steps to getting a drivers license in Arkansas.
  • Complete a written testwith a score of 80%
  • Complete a driving testto the satisfaction of the examiner
  • Go to Arkansas Office of Revenue with fee and proper documentation to obtain the drivers license.
  • First you must determine if you need an Arkansas drivers' license.
    • All drivers' must have a valid unexpired license from one of the United States or a valid unexpired international license. You may drive legally with a license from your home country if you also have an international license BUT the Arkansas State Police strongly recommends getting an Arkansas license if you will reside in Arkansas for more than 6 months.
  • Do I have to surrender my license from my home country to get an Arkansas license?
    • NO. You will not have to surrender your home country license. However you will have to surrender your international license if you choose to present it in order to take both the written and driving tests in the same day.
  • I have an international driver’s license, do I still need an Arkansas license?
    • You may drive legally in Arkansas with a VALID UNEXPIRED INTERNATIONAL driver’s license that is valid for a period of no greater than 1 year. The Arkansas State Police strongly recommend obtaining an Arkansas driver’s license if you will be in Arkansas for more than 6 months.
  • I don’t have a social security number, can I still obtain an Arkansas driver’s license?
    • YES. You do NOT need a social security card to obtain an Arkansas driver’s license. You will need to have TWO forms of personal identification and they may ask you for your social security card. Explain that you are not eligible to carry a social security card and offer to show your I-20, IAP-66 or H1-B approval notice, I-94, student ID card, ITIN card or any other form of identification.

Written Test

The written test is the first step to obtaining your Arkansas drivers' license.

The written test will test you on your knowledge of Arkansas traffic rules. On the Arkansas State Police website you can download the Driver’s Manual .

This manual is current as of March 2009. Call Testing Services to check if new versions have been released.

Or you may obtain a copy from the Arkansas State Police Drivers Testing Center .

It is important to study the manual prior to taking the test. The test can be difficult and Americans often fail the test when they assume they do not need to study the guide.

When and Where

The written test may be taken at the Arkansas State Police Drivers Testing Center Monday through Friday from 1:00-4:30PM at 1120 W Monroe Avenue, Lowell, AR 72745 . Phone number:479-751-3619.

The skills exam must be scheduled online. To do so please visit

Driving tests will not be issued when it is raining or the roads are wet.

If you do not have an international license you will have to wait 30 days after taking the written test to be eligible for the driving test. If you possess an international license you may take the written test and the driving test in the same day.


What to Bring to the Written Test

When you are ready to take the written test bring the following documents to Arkansas State Police Drivers Testing Center

  • I-20, IAP-66 or H1-B approval
  • I-94
  • passport

When you pass the written test you will be issued a learner’s permit that allows you to drive during this period. This permit allows you to drive legally provide that you have a passenger who has had an Arkansas driver’s license for at least 1 year and is at least 25 years of age.

Driving Test

After you pass the written test you are now ready to take the driving test. The driving test location is issued at the same as the written test.

Bring the following items to the driving test

  • learner’s permit
  • I-20, IAP-66, or H1-B approval
  • I-94
  • passport
  • vehicle registration
  • proof of automobile insurance
  • an automobile in good working order

The vehicle you drive for the test must be in good working order and have current registration and insurance. This insurance must be valid for the person driving the car for the driving test.

Check to make sure that the following items are in good working order:
horn, headlights, brake lights, parking lights, blinkers, and windshield wipers.

If you do not own a car you may drive someone else's car provided that:

  • The car is properly registered and insured.
  • The car’s insurance policy must include insurance coverage for drivers other than those listed on the policy and cover costs of injury and damage if you are in an accident. Contact the insurance company and verify that the insurance is valid while you drive.
  • You must drive a vehicle that is in good working order. Check to make sure that the following items are in good working order: horn, headlights, brake lights, parking lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers and brakes.

Obtaining your license

Once you have passed both the written and driving tests you may obtain your Arkansas drivers' license at:

3086 M.L.K. Jr Blvd

Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone: 442-7691
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM

Directions to the Revenue office

Go south on Razorback Road through the stoplight at  6th Street and over the railroad tracks. The revenue office is the first right after the railroad tracks. If you reach the UofA baseball stadium you have gone too far.

Bring the following with you to the Revenue Office

  • your stamped learners permit (The driving test examiner will stamp your learners permit when you pass the test)
  • I-20, IAP-66 or H1-B approval
  • I-94
  • passport
  • check or cash

Total Cost

There is no cost. Please verify this information with the Driver Testing Services.

For more information, contact:

Arkansas Revenue Office

3086 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: 442-7691
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM

Arkansas State Police Driver Testing Services

1120 W Monroe Ave
Lowell, AR 72745
Phone: 751-3619
Hours: Appointment must be made online
Remember: no driving tests will be issued if it is raining or the roads are wet.

State of Arkansas Motor Vehicle Information Website

Includes information on how to register a vehicle, obtain a drivers license, etc.

Driver’s Manual

Download the driver’s manual. This is the manual you will need to study in order to pass the written test.