Mission and Goals

Strengthening the University of Arkansas as an active member of the international community

Mission Statement

As international educators, we promote belonging, global perspectives, and responsibility through collaborative programs and services to develop the University of Arkansas international community for the collective enrichment of Arkansas.

ISS Goals 2023-2024

  • Cultivate holistic international student and scholar success through programming and services
  • Increase international engagement and visibility
  • Invest in staff development and increase available resources
  • Develop a strategic communication plan
  • Celebrate diversity and foster belonging
  • Coordinate access for international students, scholars and dependents

150 Forward Strategies of the University of Arkansas

Directly supported by the International Students and Scholars

Student Success

  • Promote belonging and experiential learning through international student orientation, iFriend, Conversation Club, Cross Cultural Mentors, ICT, and field trips
  • Prepare students for the future through creating a positive inter-cultural environment on campus
  • Support career readiness through alumni engagement, employment authorization workshops, immigration advising, on-campus employment.
  • Facilitate the awarding of scholarships
  • Identify and contact at-risk students

Employer of Choice

  • Flexibility with scheduling
  • Events that welcome family participation
  • Access to professional development and training opportunities
  • Regular meetings and feedback from supervisors
  • Regular meetings with all staff to collaborate and inform
  • Selection process for new team members that leads to getting right members in the right positions
  • Stewards of resources available to us

Research Excellence

  • Facilitate the visa documentation to bring Exchange Visitors to campus.  Provide technical support for the petition process for non-immigrant employees.
  • Ensure compliance with US State Department regulations to maintain a healthy Exchange Visitor Program
  • Support international researchers on campus by integrating them into campus life and identifying available resources to meet their felt needs such as conversational English practice, family programming, and connection with the larger NW Arkansas community (friendship families, Thanksgiving in an American home, cultural presentations).