Mission and Goals

Strengthening the University of Arkansas as an active member of the international community

Mission Statement

As international educators, we enhance global perspectives, mutual respect, and responsibility through collaborative programs and services for the development of international students, scholars and the greater University of Arkansas community

Guiding Priorities of the University of Arkansas

Directly supported by the International Students and Scholars

  • Increase retention and graduation rates, post-graduation employment and graduate education enrollment rates.
  • Improve the culture and climate of inclusivity at the university and diversify campus demographics to more closely mirror those of the state.
  • Conduct outreach to integrate diversity and inclusion practices at entities across the state.  
  • Clearly articulate the university’s role as a land-grant and flagship institution to its varied constituencies and strengthen university outreach efforts across the state and beyond.
  • Grow the university’s international student enrollment and improve retention and graduation rates of international students.

ISS Goals 2021-2024

  • Foster long-term student and scholar success through collaborative, innovative, transformative experiences and services
  • Increase international engagement and visibility
  • Invest in staff and resource development
  • Develop a strategic communication plan
  • Demonstrate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion