Global Greeks

Program Description

The Global Greeks Program is designed to allow undergraduate international students and Greek students on campus to interact and form networks with each other.


Who are these International Students?

The students who may be adopted by your organization for this semester are undergraduate international students from many different countries. Some are new to the United States and would like to meet people, make new friends and know more about the American culture.


Who are the Greek Students?

The Greeks are male and female students who are members of a sorority or fraternity on campus. Sororities (for women) and fraternities (for men) are organizations that focus on community service, leadership, academics and social networking. Greek students become lifelong members of these organizations and pledge to live by the philosophies of the organization.


Are you an international student?

As an international student, you will be “adopted” by a Greek organization. You will have one primary person of contact in the organization, and you can attend different programs and functions in your host organization. You will have the opportunity to meet people, attend events and make new friends!


Are you a Greek student?

As a Greek Organization, you will “adopt” an international student. One member of your chapter will be the primary person of contact for the international student. You can invite the student to attend different programs and functions in your organization. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures!




Please note that this program is for undergraduate international students with priority going to new international freshmen. 

Fall 2017 Application will start in September 2017. Please check your UARK email.


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