Cross Cultural Mentor Program

CCM is a student leader (international or U.S. student; graduate or undergraduate) who volunteers to assist new international students in adjusting academically, culturally and socially to the United States and the University of Arkansas. CCM will assist in educating new students about campus and community life, provide a connection to the University, and be able to answer many of the questions new students may have upon arrival and during their first semester in the U.S.. CCMs also assist new students facing difficulties with communication, social relationships, academic expectations, and general cultural changes.

Meet our wonderful CCMs for the 2023-2024 academic year!


  • Must have minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must have been a student at the U of A for at least one semester
  • Must commit to 2 semesters (Fall and Spring) unless completing your program of study in December. CCMs are volunteer, unpaid positions.
  • Must be able to work well with others, have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must submit completed application and participate in both individual and group interviews


  • Attend one training retreat on a weekend in April
  • Return to campus on time for training and International Orientation (Training: Wednesday & Thursday, August before orientation)
  • Keep schedule open during the orientation. During this time, you will be expected to give a priority to the international orientation responsibilities
  • Enthusiastically participate in all orientation activities and events
  • Maintain contact with your assigned small group throughout their first semester
  • Commit to meet with mentor group mid-semester for a cultural, social or sports activity etc.


  • Sharpen intercultural and interpersonal leadership skills through intensive training sessions
  • Gain experience with program development and facilitating small groups
  • Gain cross-cultural experience and knowledge
  • Receive a certificate recognizing successful completion of program
  • Meals provided during required training and orientation hours
  • Make friends with international students and other CCMs

How To Apply

CCM Applications for 2024-25 will open February, 2024.

CCM Experiences

Being a CCM to me is being exemplar for incoming international students. International friendship is like a bond, and it connects us despite our differences. One thing that is common among us is that we have left our countries, friends and families we know to pursue education in a new place. This feeling creates connections which last forever. Sharing cultures and learning about one another is one of the best experiences. I highly recommend CCM to other students to enhance leadership skills.

- Muhammad (CCM of the Year 2020-21 Award Recipient) from Pakistan

The CCM program has been an asset for me socially, culturally, and academically during my studies in the USA. I have learned how the University values diversity and inclusion. Being immersed in a multicultural society has helped me break stereotypes, change my mindset, and see life from a more open perspective. My soft skills and leadership skills have also been enhanced. My best reward is to be part of the large international community, with lots of friends from around the globe, actively involved in extracurricular activities on campus as one family.

- Walkiris from Dominican Republic

If you have any questions, please contact