LGBTQIA+ Resources for International Students and Scholars

The University of Arkansas is committed to creating an inclusive campus community that recognizes and celebrates all backgrounds, experiences, and voices.

ISS is aware that international LGBTQIA+ students and scholars will have an extra layer of adjustment while studying at the UofA. Supporting international students and scholars with LGBTQIA+ identities is an important mission for ISS. The UofA campus offers various resources to support LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty. Also, please check resources offered by off-campus organizations as well.

On-Campus Resources and Programs

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education

The Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education is a student-centered, multicultural, intersectional space that affirms difference and explores shared humanity through cultural celebrations, intercultural public events, arts-based community outreach, educational forums, and partnerships that promote diversity education and social justice. They offer below programs, events and activities throughout the year:

LGBTQ+ Mentoring

This mentoring program provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students to share their experiences and to grow professionally and personally.

Safe Zone Allies

This support community believes that all students and people on the University of Arkansas campus should be treated equally and fairly regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Many of ISS staff members are trained through this program.

Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion strives for Inclusive Excellence, which entails total campus engagement in, actively and genuinely, supporting the ideals of diversity and inclusion. The division believes diversity should permeate the very fabric of our educational institution, which includes international students as well.

Pat Walker Health Center’ Counseling & Psychological Service (CAPS)

CAPS offers high-quality clinical, outreach, consultation, training, and research services to the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Arkansas. CAPS committed to the continued development of awareness and appreciation for individual & cultural differences within our university community. CAPS is committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion matters and they are strong allies for international students.

Registered Student Organizations

There are active RSOs for LGBTQIA+ students such as Lavender Society.

LGBTQIA+ Scholarship Opportunities

There are a couple of scholarship opportunities for those students who have a strong knowledge of or interest in LGBTQ+ matters.

Campus News & Event Calendar

Explore Newswire articles and Campus Calendar related to LGBTQ+ topics.

Off-Campus Resources & News

KUAF Radio Station

KUAF provides a 14-county area of west and northwest Arkansas, parts of eastern Oklahoma and southern Missouri with the only source of national and international news from NPR as well as a daily local news magazine “Ozarks at Large.” Check KUAF’s radio on LGBTQ+ topics.

Northwest Arkansas Equality

Northwest Arkansas (NWA) Equality is a nonprofit community education, advocacy, resource, and service organization supporting the LGBTQ community.

Pride Awareness Months

Pride Month is celebrated in June and LGBT History Month is observed in October. The UofA campus community recognizes both months and many educational programs are offered by various campus offices. The NWA Pride Parade is a vibrant signature event in June. In 2021, ISS staff joined the parade along with wonderful allies on campus. Learn more about historical backgrounds on the Library of Congress page.

LGBTQIA+ Academic Offers at the UofA

The University of Arkansas offers the gender studies minor that introduces students to the ways that various academic disciplines have examined women’s and men’s differing participation in work, the family, political systems, and creative endeavors. Courses include LGBTQ+ History and Queer Theor(ies).

Useful Sites to Begin your Exploration as an International Student or Scholar

Education USA

EducationUSA is a great resource for all international students to get ready for your departure. They offer Resources for LGBTQI+ Students as well. Make sure to utilize their resources during your preparation.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators Rainbow Special Interest Group

Rainbow SIG is comprised of diverse NAFSA members whose goals are to counsel international students and study abroad students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer; to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer professionals in international education; and to combat homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia within NAFSA. The group is a resource for ISS staff to be better allies as well.