How to post Events on the ISS/IEW Calendar

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1. Go to the Campus Calendar and Log In

2. Click on "Submit an Event"

3. Basic event info to include:

  • Put IEW Event as the first words of the description Who, what, when, why, where
  • Sponsoring organization's full name, not just abbreviation
  • Contact person and email or phone number
  • Description of event
  • If it has religious content, state in the body of the description
  • If it is only for students, or if it is open to their families/community
  • Have a simple image ready to upload for the calendar event

4. Select the following options:

  • Under Theme, choose:
    • "International Education" which is required for the event to show up in the ISS/IEW calendar
    • "Diversity & Inclusion" if applicable
  • Under Target Audience, choose:
    • International
    • Any other target audience
  • Under Department, choose:
    • International Students & Scholars
    • Graduate School & International Education