Cross Cultural Mentor Introductions

CCM Leaders

Obed Johnson

Obed is from Trinadad and Tobago and is a master's student studying Spanish. He is passionate about languages, having studied 14 and being fluent in 6; and loves teaching. He is excited to help and get to know international students from all parts of the world.

Evelyn Osei

Evelyn is from Ghana and is pursuing her masters in Agricultural Economics. She is looking forward to connecting with students to enhance their stay at the University of Arkansas.

Shivani Merchant

Shivani is a Junior in the Computer Science program. She is from India and loves working with people and helping them. She wants to help incoming students through her own experiences as an international student

Jason Hoang

Jason is a Senior biochemistry major on the pre-med track. His hobbies include playing video games, digital painting, finding something good to binge watch, cooking and traveling. Jason loves to learn about and experience new cultures, especially through food.

Nasser Alnasser

Nasser is a masters student studying Geology from Saudi Arabia. He is prepared for all the questions regarding campus and Fayetteville!

Kenshi Kawade

Kenshi is a Sophomore International and Global Studied major from Japan. He is looking forward to learning as much from his mentees as he hopes to teach them.

Putu Pujiantari

Putu is a PhD student of Environmental Dynamics from Indonesia. She hopes to bring warmth, positivity, and make everyone feel at home.

Evan Yu

Evan is a Junior Financial Investment and Management major from China. He is an involved student within three RSO’s on campus and hopes to help incoming students find their place here at the University of Arkansas.

Ami Ino

Ami is a Sophomore International Business major from Japan. She wants to be a CCM because of her experience with the program. She knows how difficult the transition is for international students and wants to help through that.

Ryan Moh

Ran is a Senior Finance major from Malaysia. He wants to help connect international students to the University’s community and feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Hector Wiscow

Hector is a masters student studying Spanish from Argentina and speaks 5 languages. He is looking to serve the international student community to engage students on campus.

Eugene Gyasi Agyemang

Eugene is a masters student studying Materials Science and is from Ghana. He is looking forward to meeting new people from around the world and helping wherever he can.

Archy Pattanaik

Archy is a sophomore Biology student from India. He is looking forward to meeting new people, making friends, and learning about diverse cultures.

Muhammad Ali Muhammad

Muhammad is a poultry science major from Pakistan. This is his 3rd year being a CCM, and he loves getting to meet all the new students and helping them settle into their life in Fayetteville.

Sherjeel Naeem

Sherjeel is a junior in Anthropology and Biology from the United States. He enjoys getting to know students from diverse cultural backgrounds and looks forward to this year of being a CCM.

Maria Clara Faria Chaves

Maria Clara is a master's student in Agriculture sciences from the United States. She hopes to help international students feel supported here in Fayetteville and make friends through this process.

Lika Mamiseishv

Lika is a master's student in operations management from Georgia. She is inspired by the CCM’s that assisted him during her first year in Fayetteville and wants to be that friend to incoming students.

   Jannatul Shefa

Shefa is an industrial engineering master's student from Bangladesh. She is motivated to be a CCM due to her experiences in her first days of being in the United States. She wants to help students in that transition period not feel alone and motivate them.

Cristina Stan

Cristina is a master's student in Anthropology from Romania. She believes the community you are surrounded by has the biggest influence on adjusting to life here in the United States, so she wants to provide students that welcoming active community for incoming students.

Abril Nina

Nina is a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Bolivia. She wants to use her experiences as an incoming international student to help those in the same position.

Diksha Shrestha

Diksha is from Nepal and pursuing her master's in cell and molecular biology. She understands how overwhelming being an international student can be and wants to help others through it.

Nathaniel Liu

Nathaniel is a sophomore biomedical engineering student from the United States. He loves listening to people talk about their experiences in their home countries and learning about their cultures.

Vaishnavi Vanteru

Vaishnavi is a sophomore marketing major from India. She knows how difficult adjusting to life in the United States is and wants to encourage students through the process and getting to interact with other international students.

Yibing Hu

Yibing is a sophomore finance student from the United States. She looks forward to connecting students to the campus communities and helping in any way she can.