Changes in 2020-2021


  • Ruby Bowles joined the compliance staff as a Foreign Student Advisor, November 2020
  • Namiko Bagirimvano returned to the University of Arkansas as the Assistant Director for International Student Retention Services and Programs, February, 2021
  • Graduate Intern Thalita da Silva Hotz joined outreach and compliance staff for the 2020- 2021 academic year.
  • Heather Johnson joined the office as Front Office Administrator through Razortemps.


  • The campus implement Workday for financial and human resource management. 
  • The final four training videos for “In Their Shoes” were professionally filmed to update our popular training series regarding understanding the unique constraints of international students.  Audra Johnston and Cynthia Smith co-presented the “In Their Shoes” workshop for a variety of audiences on and off campus over the course of the year, including staff of the Graduate School and International Education, Fulbright College, Communications, University of Arkansas Police Department, and NAFSA: Association of International Educators Arkansas State Meeting
  • Zoom was used as the platform for multiple online events for Outreach Programs such as iFriend receptions, new student and host orientations, ICT monthly meetings, K-12 Presentations, Owl Creek International Festival, Plaza de las Americas and Human Library. 
  • Multiple cultural presentation videos were created to post on social media and ICT YouTube Channel. 
  • TikTok and campsite accounts were used to create content for social media and share more links in our social media profiles (ict and ifriend programs). Canva Pro was bought for creation of social media content, promotion of events and announcements. Three Jackbox accounts with the Quiplash game were used in online gathering with students. 
  • A database for the iFriend Program was implemented to store all our host and student information as well as provide a one-stop shop for everything related to matching and records.
  • Collaborations among ISS team members brought virtual online programming like “In Solidarity” and “You Belong here”.  The “In Solidarity” program aimed to provide students with a safe space to process the current racial tensions and their own experiences in the US. “You Belong Here” was done to address the increased anxiety among students because of immigration regulations in the face of Covid and remote classes. 
  • Virtual iFriend Program was started last summer.  Students needing extra emotional support, community connection, and friendship were matched over the summer. Hosts and student were able to meet in online matching reception through Zoom.