One Time Experiences

Spring 2022 Guidance

  1. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, iFriend may be offering hybrid programming. If you and your match are comfortable meeting in person, the iFriend Program cannot be responsible for any issues that arise due to meeting in person during this season.
  2. If you choose to meet in person, we highly recommend you adhere to the State’s recommendation of social distancing (maintaining a 6ft distance between each other), meeting outside when possible, wearing a face covering, and getting vaccinated.
  3. In addition, please set expectations for how you will meet and what you each are comfortable with (outdoors vs. Indoors, food drop offs, strictly virtual, etc.)

Virtual / Hybrid Events

For Spring 2022, we may be offering virtual & hybrid programming. Those who are a part of the iFriend Program will be alerted to these programs via email and social media. If you would like to know about these programs, please email us at


Thanksgiving Dinner in an American Home

Note: We will keep you updated about this one time experience as we monitor the COVID-19 situation.

This is one of our signature one-time programs done jointly with Spring International Language Center. Each year, we recruit local families who are willing to share their holiday dinner with a few international students and scholars. Since Thanksgiving is an important part of American culture, it is a great opportunity for our international students, scholars, and their families to celebrate and experience this traditional American Holiday.

Host will meet with their Thanksgiving meal matches at a reception
the Monday before Thanksgiving and plan their meal on Thanksgiving Day.