iFriend Programs

iFriend Finale Group Photo

iFriend is an umbrella program offering year-long programs and one-time experiences for students, scholars and the community members to get involved.

Year-long Programs

One-time Experiences

The goal of the iFriend program is to connect international students and scholars with the NW Arkansas community and U of A students for cultural exchange and development of cross cultural friendships. iFriend hopes to improve the world one friendship at a time!

Throughout the United States, there are U.S. citizens and permanent residents that wish to welcome international students and scholars to their communities by inviting them to visit their homes, to share a meal, and to learn about American culture. iFriend matches these individuals with international students and scholars attending the University of Arkansas.

Thank you for choosing the iFriend Program! The iFriend Program is flexible and can easily meet the mutual needs and schedules of the participants. We believe that this will be a rewarding experience that you will never forget!

Thank You,

Clark Eckels
iFriend Program Coordinator